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Dental erosion

Over the years our eating habits have changed. During the day we eat and drink regularly. Our food and drinks contain acid. Healthy food also contains acid.
Dental erosion is the dissolution of tooth enamel by acid.
The tooth enamel is temporarily softer when it comes into contact with acids. The teeth need time to recover. The tooth enamel needs to get hard again. But if you are eating or drinking with short intervals between, the tooth enamel won’t get the change to recover and this causes the dental erosion. Dental erosion is often only discovered at an advanced stage. The teeth will become thinner, more transparent, yellow, shorter and more sensitive to cold, hot and sweetness.
The more acid products you use, the bigger the chance of dental erosion. Products that contains acid are apple juice, apple syrup, lemon, grapefruit, jam, kiwi, (light) soda, mayonnaise, red and white wine, orange, salad dressing, sport drinks, table vinegar, fruit juices etc.

Advice for preventing dental erosion include:
-Reducing the frequency of eating moments to a maximum of 7 times a day. This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
– Eat acidic fruit 1 to 2 times a day.
– Acidic drinks should not be held in the mouth or sipped for a long time. Drinking through a straw reduce the contact of erosive fluids with teeth.
– Reduce consumption of acidic drinks(soft drinks, juices and wines).
– After eating or drinking, please wait for at least one hour before brushing your teeth. The tooth enamel needs time to recover from the acid.

To stop the erosion and maintain a beautiful and natural result, there are several treatments:
-Due to erosion, the teeth can look more yellow and crumbled. You can often see this on the back of the front teeth, which is not immediately noticeable for the patient. It is necessary to protect the teeth to prevent more enamel from dissolving. The teeth can be reconstructed with composite so that the process stops and the old form is restored. Dental erosion often causes the front teeth to be shortened so that the teeth can not be seen when the mouth is in a relaxed state. This makes the patient looks older.
– It also happens that the molars are so worn down by erosion that the bite is lowered and there is more chance of bruxism(crunching and clamping). It is important that the molars are reconstructed by a restoration with composite to stop the process and change the bite. Because of the lowered bite, the mouth looks unnecessarily older.