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Fares and payments

Dentistry rates 2018

The rates applied by dental practice Waldent are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority(NZA). You can find the rates on the following link:

Rates for dental technician

Indication of additional material and technician costs for dental treatment

For some treatments the dentist will ask the dental technician to construct custom made dental appliances - for example dental crowns. The technician costs are the costs that we pay to the dental laboratory for the crowns. The costs that are charged by the technician may vary, however there are no profit margins for us. We can always provide you with a copy of the invoice from the dental laboratory, upon request.

Here is the overview of the material and / or technician costs. No rights may be derived from this overview:


In our practice we prefer to take care of your teeth instead of spending a lot of time on our financial administration. That is why we outsource the sending and collecting invoices to Famed. This is a company specializing in invoicing and now works for thousand of healthcare providers such as dentists, orthodontics, general practitioners, physiotherapists, psychiatrists and veterinarians.

You will receive the invoice for our treatment from Famed. In some cases, a bill is first submitted to your health insurer. You will receive an invoice for the costs that are not reimbursed by your health insurer.

Pay on time

Do not forget to pay your bill on time. This will save you money and a lot of problems. Famed offers a payment term of 30 days after the invoice date. Are you unable to meet your payment obligation on time? Please contact Famed as soon as possible by phone on 0900-0885 (regular call charges apply) or go to

Do you prefer to pay directly?

This is also possible in our practice. You can pay immediately after your treatment by PIN or by cash.