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The gum covers and protects the bone and the roots of the teeth and the molars.
Healthy gum is therefore very important for a good presentation and for a fresh breath.
There is a space between your gum and the jawbone. That space is called a pocket. If your gum is inflamed and it remains inflamed for a long time, the bacteria will end up in the pocket. The bacteria will break the connection fibre between the teeth and the bone. As a result, the pocket will become deeper. The deeper the pocket, the bigger the chance that the bacteria will also destruct the bone. This process of gum disease with bone destruction is called periodontitis. You may not notice periodontitis yourself by looking at your teeth. You can not remove the plaque and the tartar in a deep pocket by yourself. The dental hygienist can remove it through extensive treatment. If periodontitis is not treated, a large portion of the bone can be eventually be destructed. This causes the teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. If periodontitis is detected in an early stage, the loss of the teeth can be prevented.